If and whenever

I’ve seen that one look

The fierceness inside

Your eyes and your soul

And our gaze held for

One second too long

I know already

It’s not gonna be

Too long before I

Make you mine next

Have you in my hands

And keep you entwined

By my eyes alone



…Water, splashing amongst a bunch of Legos, pipes, walls and more.

…Melted cheese between two slices of toast.

…Earth. Filling all around you and inside your crevices.

…The wind that sometimes whispers and sometimes roars. Moving without a care in the world.

…Fire, that holds no shape, nor conforms.

Try to stop me from being myself… I’ll do it even more.

Show me the power of hate, and I’ll show you love. Make you realize what you could have… Maybe once more hold.

…hardly defined by the confines of my skin and body. Don’t believe me? Just watch me dance.





Much ado about nothing. Follow me.